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Sponsorship & Donations

For more than 118 years, we have been dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations in our communities.
Please note that we will only accept sponsorship or donor requests that meet the following criteria:
  • The requesting organization must be in the same city, or adjacent city, to a 1905 Family Of Restaurants location. 
  • Donation requests must be submitted on the organization's letterhead and include the 501(c)3 tax identification number as well as a description, date and location of the event.
  • Requests must be submitted at least two months before the event.
  • Organizations must provide a mailing address, along with a contact name, phone number and email.
To Submit A Request:
Regular Mail (We are unable to accept email requests:)
Submit Requests To:
Richard Gonzmart – 4th Generation Caretaker
1905 Family Of Restaurants
2025 E. 7th Ave.,
Tampa, FL 33605
Please note: We receive a tremendous number of requests each month and are unable to contribute to all events and causes. If your donation request is approved, we will contact you using the information provided. No phone calls or emails, please. 
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